Mission Match

Credentials and Badges for each pilot are used by the system to identify the pilots who match missions in DroneUp.  When a new mission is generated, the Mission Requestor defines the qualifications required for a pilot to be engaged. These requirements are matched to all pilots verified credentials and earned badges, and restricts applications to only those pilot that qualify.  If a Mission requires that the pilot is commercially capable and the assignment requires a specific set of skills, the system is going to verify that the pilots have the required credentials and badges, before the pilot can request to be on the team. 

Don’t worry, if you do not match a current mission, DroneUp shows you why you were not a match.  If you're missing a badge, then please open the Badges module and review how you can earn the missing badge.   If you're missing a credential, then, if you have the credential, open the Credential module and upload the required image and we will get you verified.

Not only does DroneUp use these qualifications to match pilots to missions, but we also on successful completion of missions by our pilots, provide additional qualifications, which enhance their prospects of being matched to more missions.


The DroneUp Credentials Module allows a user to provide details of their applicable credentials and to have these credentials stored and potentially verified so that we can correctly authorize pilots to fly missions.

What is a Credential?
A credential is defined as a valid certification gained by a user which can be verified, by our pilot operations team. Providing evidence of your credentials to DroneUp, such as the US Part107 program, provides a pilot with the authority to perform additional operations such as Commercial Missions.

Prior to any flight created in DroneUp, we will always check your profile for such credentials and only permit users to perform operations which are consistent with laws and regulations based, on the verified credentials you have provided.

Try using the Credentials Manager to provide details of your credentials to DroneUp and have after our team has verified these, to open up additional opportunities locked to only users with applicable credentials.  It is as simple as capture and send.   Remember it is important to keep your credentials up to date also, because an expired credential is no longer considered a verified credential, and this may result in you not being matched to missions.


Badges are a key component to a DroneUp profile, they define verified skills and achievements for each pilot, and provide the system with a mechanism to match the correct pilots to the correct missions.

Pilots can earn badges in DroneUp when they complete assignments or tasks in the app.  It can be as simple as uploading a credential or may require a user to complete a mission or action. You should note some of these badges do require that the information provided is maintained, credentials which expire can result in the badge being removed.

Pilot requested badges are provided and displayed in the badge screen for all users to request.  Each badge will require that applicable information is provided to the Pilot Operations Team and on verification, you will be provided the badge.

All our badges are provided to you in the `Badge Module`. Within this module you can view Badges you have earned, you are progressing toward earning and details of how to earn other available badges. You can tap on any badge displayed, it will show you the details of the badge, the actions required to earn and your individual status for that badge.

Ensuring to check on your badges is important, badges which can be earned to update your qualifications will enhance your prospects of being matched to more missions.